Case Enclosure References

Most Fixed & Removable Cases

What to include in Most cases case:

  •  Completed Rx form

  •  Impressions and/or models

  •  Study and/or pre-op models

  •  Patient photos

  •  Bite Registration

  •  Tooth / Prep Shade

Implant Cases

What to include in your case:

  • Detailed RX (implant system(s) must be listed)

  •  Bite(s)/Bite Scan(s)

  •  Study Model(s)/Scan(s) – 4+ units

  •  Impression(s) with Impression Coping(s)

  •  Opposing Model/Impression/Scan

Tools to Communicate

CBCT files please use WeTranfer. Send data to


Sending Digital Impressions ? 

Trios, Carestream, Cerec Connect, iTero, E4D, Lava Cos, TruDef, Medit, 3M

Schedule a zoom meeting at


Reader/Acrobat – 

*Email Completed Form to